For me, as with Life, my art is an evolving process of maturity and change. Today, right now, I am going on an adventure to transition back to my roots away from digital art and back to paint, pen and paper. I’ve discovered a new passion involving the use of watercolors and waterproof pen. The combination excites me like nothing in the recent past. I met a gentleman artist at the Port Washington Farm Market last summer. I didn’t get his name but I did ask to see the dogeared sketchbook he had under his arm. I was amazed at the beauty of his technique. His images consisted of people and buildings in locations around the world that he had visited throughout his life. He said he had no formal training other than a Life Studies class he attended some time ago. He allowed me to llok thru his sketchbook for some time and then suddenly had to go. He disappeared into the crowd before I could get his name. What he gifted me that day was a new passion for sketching. Once home, I dug out my own worn but long forgotten sketchbook, Tombow pen and a few Micron pens and started experimenting. I’s forgotten how beautiful these black and white sketches can be, and once watercolors are added to the mix, it’s an entirely different world. I’m hook. I admit it. I’m addicted. I look forward to sharing with you my journey into the world of pen and watercolor. I hope you will join me and share with me your own journey.